Welcome to PVS Hot Tubs

Suppliers of Hot Tubs in the East of England

PVS Hot Tubs (PVS Holdings) is a privately owned company which have been selling and installing Quality Hot Tubs in the East of England since 1988.

Today we have a firm foundation of hot tub clientele based in and around the East of England who enjoy their very own hot tub at home or at their holiday home location.

Whether you are big, tall, not so tall or anything in between – we have a hot tub model to meet your needs!

With over 20 Hot Tub models to choose from, you can decide the size, value and options you want, to meet the price that you can afford.

Our hot tubs are the most affordable with lower energy costs, and the highest hand made quality. In fact, a well built hot tub should last 25 years; the quality of a hot tub is important to us, because the life span of the hot tub directly relates to how much it costs. We have many customers that tell us their hot tubs are still running after all these years, trouble free, we are proud of our quality!